Unnamed Shallow Streams Canoeing

When a person leaves for a long canoeing trip during vacations he can get lots of new experiences which will make the journey interesting. They will even get a chance to explore new places that they might have never dreamed of. Here is one such experience from my side. There are many places in the far north that arrre mostly covered with water bodies but will not be chosen by many people for their trip but I chose that place expecting that there will be some unique experiences. When we are moving towards the destination, we reached a place that was not marked clearly on the map that led me to an unnamed river that ended in a large lake that did not have much wind.

Since the path that we followed in the morning was very shallow and difficult to pass through, we were not able to cross the decided number of miles, but in case of the lake, the rowing was very easy and it allowed us to compensate for the loss that we faced in the morning. Rowing in the shallow spaces that too in between the rocks will be a very difficult job, and it will be handled easily by experienced people. Usually in shallow spaces, I used to drag the boat as it will not be possible to row. Hence, while planning my trips I usually avoid the places that have shallow rivers.

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