Unforgettable Festivals And Events In Canoeing

Canoeing is not only considered as a hobby, it is considered to be one of the interesting competition in many places. I have a great interest in this sport, and I have participated in many competitions related to this sport all over the world and have been awarded many prizes in them. I have shared some of my experiences related to it in this blog. Yukon River Fest is something that is very adventurous and should not be missed by any paddler. It is a 715 kilometer race that will be held in the Yukon Territory of Canada. It will not be an easy race. It is considered to be the world’s longest canoeing race.

Since there will not be a daily closing during the time this race, will be held we have to keep on rowing round the clock until we reach the destination. There will be only two intervals for the rest that too only after 10 hours of travel. I participated in this race when I was studying in college. Another interesting race, in which I took part, was Mattawa River Canoe race. This river was used in the early days for transportation by the explorers. It is a race that is held for 64 kilometers and is a race that mainly attracts the people of North America. The stream of this river and the winds will be strong in this place that will make it very difficult for the rowers to cross this spot. Challenge lovers like me will like to take part in this type of race.

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