Three Day Trip In Whanganui River

I always wanted to try out canoeing on the flat water and the Whanganui River was the best choice since it was a flat river running for about 87.5 kilometers. I made my confirmation for a three-day adventure trip that was arranged by a famous travel planner. The first day included a road drive from Ohakune into Whakahoro initially as the starting point for our canoeing trip was lying there. After a brief talk about the safety features, we started our trip with great joy and enthusiasm. The trip, which went on for three days included many scenic beauty and farmlands on our way. It gave an enchanting experience which made it highly impossible for me to forget these memories.

Though the trip was planned for three days I wished there some more days extra in this travel as it gave me many wonderful memories. During the trip, I could see misty mornings that ended with a cry of kiwis and other birds at night. I felt like I was living in an ancient period as all the natural beauty depicted that there was an unexplored life inside the forests. The average paddling time, that was spent during these days excluding the breaks, would be about 7 – 8 hours. There is an option of guided tours and unguided tours in this travel and the facilities, and budget will vary according to the choice of the visitor. Since I chose the guided tour I was able to know more details about the place.

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