Requirement Of Map In Canoeing

Canoeing is not a child’s play and one has to be very careful while making adventurous trips based on this sport. There will be many unexpected problems arising in this travel as nature’s character cannot be predicted firmly like there might be a sudden rise in water level, the direction of winds might change, and even there are possibilities for even worse conditions. Hence, proper equipments have to be used while travelling in order to make predictions. The map is something very important to decide the path to be followed in the travel, without it there are many possibilities to lose our way mainly in the unknown places. The map will describe all the major features of river, hills, forest and plains in the place which will make the work easy for travelers like me.

Even during my first trip I did not miss my map, whereas some of my friends forgot it and had a hard time finding their destinations. It will be a good practice to have a perfectly marked map along with you wherever you go. Maps have made my travel very easy mainly while doing canoeing as predicting the river course will be very difficult, and once the direction is lost, then it will become very difficult to find the right way. Hence, it will be necessary for a rower who is going for a long trip to have a map that includes all the details about the place. It will be better to have two maps as there will not be any problem if one is lost.

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