Just Tried a Fishing Kayak and Loved It – Here’s Why

just-tried-a-fishing-kayak-and-loved-it-heres-whyPeople who enjoy fishing usually use a motorized boat to fish in a river or lake. While this type of boat can take you to where you want to go quicker, the noise from the motor can drive fish away before you even reach the site you are aiming for. A very silent and efficient alternative is to use an inflatable fishing kayak. If you’ve never used one, here are some reasons to convince you why I consider the top fishing kayaks can give you an awesome fishing experience.

1. You can approach fish silently.

As a fisherman you know that fish are easily disturbed by the slightest of noises. With an inflatable kayak, you’ll be able to approach them silently with a trolling motor or paddle. You can easily lower your baited line and reel them in without the fish suspecting that you’re there.

2. It’s portable.

An inflatable kayak will not take up too much room in your car compared to a boat or hard-shelled kayak. You can even venture out to fishing areas where parking a vehicle with trailer would be difficult or inconvenient. You can also store it in your home, as long as you dry it properly.

3. It’s cheaper than traditional boats.

Most boats, including hard-shelled kayaks are expensive, while an inflatable kayak is definitely cheaper. It’s a very good choice if you have a small budget. You do not even have to buy a motor as you can just paddle to the spot where you think the fish are feeding.

4. Offers more fishing options.

Inflatable kayaks can float in very shallow water, even if you have heavier cargo on board. Moreover, you can go to other places that a bigger boat will not be able to access or go through. You do not have to stand and walk from one end of the boat to the other as turning around will enable you to cast where you think the fish are.

With a kayak being smaller, you’ll learn to bring only the basics, rather than bring other stuff that you do not need and just add to the load. You’ll have a very practical boat and indulge in your favourite pastime as well.

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