Competitions Related To Canoeing

Canoeing is one of my favorite aquatic and adventure sports, though my first love was rowing. As I had a craze for this sport, I learned it professionally and started participating in various competitions related to it, and I have shared some of my tournament experiences in this blog. There will be an annual competition held in the Missouri river which will include many towns and villages in its competition map. Though there will be many people at the starting point there, will only a very few who will reach the finish. Once I participated in this competition though I was not able to bag the first place I managed to reach the finish with lots of beautiful experiences related to rowing.

It is not necessary that all the competitions should be held on the note of winning but there are some other races that will be held for recreational and fun basis. Such races will be popular among the families as they will have an opportunity to participate during the vacations. Once I had an opportunity to participate in one such race that was held in the same Missouri river, but completely for fun purpose, but in this race our family managed to win the 20 mile race. Here the race distance shall be chosen by the participants it might be a 20 mile race or 40 mile race. The 40 mile race will take about one full day to complete, but the 20 mile race will take less time.