Canoeing With Elephants

Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve, which is present in Malawi, is one of the best natural habitat and stays unexplored by many researchers. The government highly protects this area. There will be a safari and other activities in this place that will let the tourists enjoy the natural beauty. But all the activities in this place will avoid the technologies as that will affect the natural environment of the place. I love to visit such a place that has amazing natural beauty in it. It will be a good practice to choose a place like this for vacations which will allow you to enjoy the natural beauty. This place also had a river flowing through it which immediately gave me an idea of canoeing in that place.

As I started my canoeing I started to realize that there was some disturbance in the river coast, but still I was not able to see what was happening there as the place was covered with dense trees. After a few minutes, I saw a spectacular view of a herd of elephants coming out of the forest and drinking water from the river. It will be very difficult to get such views normally, but I was lucky enough to get this opportunity. I took lots of photos and traveled along with the elephants for a few meters and then they started to retreat. I was dumbstruck at the moment and then whenever I share this experience with someone I feel really happy and relive the moment.