An Accident That Almost Made Me Say Good Bye To Canoeing

A few years back, I met with an unexpected accident that almost made me say goodbye to one of my favorite sports, canoeing. In this sport, the usage of hands and fingers is very important as they have to be rowing as part of this sport. When I was trying to fix my wooden table with an electric saw, I met with this unfortunate incident. Till now I don’t remember how I made the mistake that led to deep cuts in my four fingers. At the moment, I was not able to understand what exactly happened. When I saw blood and started to feel the severe pain, I understood the serious damage I had done to my hand. Immediately I was rushed to the hospital for the treatment.

The main mistake, that I did, was that I did not wear any proper guard for my hands. Later, after a few months I tried rowing during my vacation but ended with severe pain in my hand due to the previous injury. Doctors advised me not to do canoeing for a few more months as the wounds had not healed properly. Since it was my favorite sport, I was not ready to give up easily. So I tried canoeing again after a few months and succeeded in it by going a few miles, but still I was not able to get the previous efficiency. But now as I am getting older I have started getting pain in my hand due to carpal tunnel syndrome, which is making me to think about the earlier decision once again.

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