8 River Experience

Once I wanted to plan a trip with canoeing but I wanted to go for a long one. Hence, I decided a route that included eight rivers in its path which made my trip more exciting and unique. It nearly took two and a half months for me to cover the planned distance of around 800 kilometers. It is not be an easy task to complete such a journey as it requires a lot of energy and will power. The rivers that were included in my trip were Waterfound River, Fond Du Lac River, Chipman River, Dubawnt River, Nowleye River, Kazan River, Ferguson River, Wilson River along with two unnamed tributary rivers. Each river gave me a different experience; especially the shallow ones were the most difficult ones to cross.

Ferguson River was the longest among the eight as it ran about 200 miles. The shortest was the Wilson River as it ran about 15 miles. On our way, we were able to see lots of wild animals that came to have water from the streams and their view was really mesmerizing. I took lots of photos of those animals as it would be a precious memory for me when I look back. Certain rivers were very rough which made our rowing a bit difficult; whereas some others were very calm making our trip pleasant. I would say that it was one of my most memorable vacations in my lifetime, and I would suggest others also to try out some trips like this which you can cherish in your old days.